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Image-based, automated retail data extraction and tagging via Deep Learning

Visual navigation experience, search for similar looking items, improved navigation and better product suggestions – all these are possible with Vtag


Automated attribute extraction from multilingual texts leveraging NLP algorithms

Xtag maximizes sellers’ visibility on marketplaces, drives buyers traffic and significantly increases conversion to sale


Lisuto Ai helps sellers and ecommerce platforms increase discoverability of their products. Better discoverability means more visits to the product pages and that means more purchases


With Lisuto AI’s Xtag we have increased the traffic to our listings on Rakuten by 48% and sales by 35%

Masaki Ryoda
VP, Shopping Experience and Global eCommerce, Kagu no sato

I’m overwhelmed with the time savings. I think that the throughput of AI tagger is equivalent to the throughput of full time employee.

Takayuki Tagai
CEO, Life Escort

Tagging used to be a full time job for 2 people with additional 2 helping occasionally. Now the process is  automated and takes maximum of 3 hours for the largest update.

Shinji Takeda
Sales manager, Takaya.com

The best part of the Xtag system is simplicity – it takes under one minute for a team member to process all our listings

Takeshi Shioya
Head of sales, Elady
Perfect data. Zero effort. Lisuto AI
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