Bring structure into data
with Lisuto AI Tagger


Image-based, automated retail data extraction and tagging via Deep Learning

Visual navigation experience, search for similar looking items, improved navigation and better product suggestions – all these are possible with Vtag


Automated attribute extraction from multilingual texts leveraging NLP algorithms

Xtag maximizes sellers’ visibility on marketplaces, drives buyers traffic and significantly increases conversion to sale

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Usage by sellers to create marketplace specific and compatible navigation metadata

Usage by aggregators to create marketplace compatible navigation metadata for the seller on seller’s behalf


Xtag and Vtag improve discoverability, driving buyers traffic and sales by precise and deep tagging of listings on marketplaces

Xtag and Vtag save time and resources, removing the need to manually tag or retag listings when sellers’ inventory or marketplace attribute structure changes

Vtag provides extra layer of data tagging processing for both visual information and textual meta data associated with image on the web

Vtag improves the average cart value by offering search for visually similar or complementary items

Vtag improves buyer engagement enabling visual search and navigation on site


Perfect data. Zero effort. Lisuto AI

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