5 Common Content Mistakes Sellers Make on Marketplaces

Avoid the pitfalls that can derail your online sales! This detailed guide highlights 5 common content mistakes sellers make on platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Learn why these errors...
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ChatGPT for ecommerce SEO

ChatGPT for ecommerce SEO

The latest and greatest in the industry is ChatGPT for ecommerce SEO. It is becoming a must-have tool for any online seller, who can use it to optimize their online store and push it up in the search results. From discovering relevant keywords, analyzing customer behavior, generating high quality, human-like content and providing metadata information,…
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<strong>ChatGPT usage for Ecommerce</strong>

ChatGPT usage for Ecommerce

The possibilities of ChatGPT usage for ecommerce are almost infinite, so it might be a little tricky to know where to begin. In this article we give you nine prompts you can use in any text-generating AI tool, to achieve different goals. (more…)
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<strong>Standalone listings and product variations</strong>

Standalone listings and product variations

Many of the products sold online come in different variations. Whether it is the type, size, color or model, shoppers prefer to have a wide variety to choose from. When it comes to listing products with such variations, there are two approaches: some sellers prefer to list all the variations under one single listing, while…
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