Lisuto and Sagawa Express sign a cooperation agreement

By Pavel Zaslavsky, Apr 28,2021

Lisuto and Sagawa Express sign a cooperation agreement with the objective of providing ecommerce players with solutions to help drive up business performance

Lisuto and Sagawa Express, a major Japanese transportation and logistics company, and subsidiary of SG Holdings decided to collaborate and provide services and solutions to businesses operating in the ecommerce world, and for this purpose, Lisuto and Sagawa signed an investment and business cooperation agreement.

Lisuto’s aims to make ecommerce sellers’ data visibly better. Through its development center in Israel, the company developed an EC-specialized AI system that combines our proprietary cutting-edge AI technology with deep expertise in structuring product catalogs and product data. This technology provides a highly accurate automatic processing and classification, extraction, mapping, and multilingual conversion of large sets of data at once. 

The goal of the cooperation between Lisuto and Sagawa is to create a new level of services for the ecommerce world. Lisuto plans to use this cooperation as a stepping stone towards increasing its client base, overseas expansion, and the development of innovative solutions for ecommerce sellers.  

The synergy between Lisuto’s proprietary AI technology and Sagawa’s logistical infrastructure and expertise will help create a higher level of services for the benefit of ecommerce operators. 

See the original PR statement here (in Japanese)

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