Emphasis on Ebay item specifics

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By Yuval Ginor, Jan 05,2022
Emphasis on Ebay item specifics

Item Specifics are important to any Ebay listing for a number of reasons. As they help improve conversion rates and sales of listings, there is a lot of emphasis on Ebay item specifics, and they are fast becoming a standard on the platform.

Item specifics are details about the product that appear at the top of the listing, and as such they have tremendous significance. 

The item specifics provide a description of the product that helps shoppers make an informed purchasing decision and makes for an overall better shopping experience. 

This post will explain why Item Specifics are so important, and then we will help you optimize the specific for your Ebay listings. 

The importance of item specifics

Item specifics are important to any Ebay listing for a number of reasons. As they help improve conversion rates and sales of listing, there is a lot of emphasis on Ebay item specifics, and they are fast becoming a standard on the platform. 

Let's see why sellers must use Item Specifics on their Ebay listing.

  1. Item specifics help shoppers make an informed purchasing decision

Usually shoppers look for specific attributes in the products they want to buy. For example, when shopping for a shirt, size, material and color are very popular attributes shoppers look for. Failing to clearly specify each listing’s size, material and color in the item specifics can either lead to shoppers buying the wrong item (leading to returns, which hurt your Ebay account), or shoppers giving up and leaving the listing frustrated. 

  1. In specific categories, item specifics are crucial 

Ebay allows some freedom for sellers with regards to item sSpecifics, with different rules for different categories. In some categories, item specifics are required, in others they are only recommended, and in some they are left to the seller's judgment. 

In some categories, such as fashion for instance, item specifics are crucial. By showing shoppers the main attributes of the product, item specifics help them focus on the most relevant products, and distinguish the listing from thousands of similar other listings. 

Applying item specifics correctly can help increase the exposure of your listings, and ensure more shoppers who look for it - see it.

  1. Excellent for Ebay’s search engine

When Ebay’s search engine crawls listings, it extracts data from titles, product descriptions, and most importantly, the item specifics of the listing. To help listings appear at the top of the result pages, it is recommended sellers add relevant item specifics to all of their listings. 

  1. Item specifics make listings more engaging

A well detailed listing, containing all relevant item specifics, makes it much more engaging and attractive to shoppers. It will increase their confidence in the listing and in the seller that provide them with all the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.  

  1. Item specifics help minimize returns

One of the most significant, and often overlooked, aspects of item specifics. When a listing contains all the product’s item specifics, the shoppers have a clear understanding of what they are buying. For example, they can instantly tell what is the product’s size, material, color, or whatever attribute that is relevant to them. This helps minimize situations when shoppers buy products without having all the information, only to have to return it upon realizing it doesn’t match their expectations. And so, applying all the relevant item specifics to their listings can help sellers drastically reduce return rate.

Item specifics sources

Now that we understand the importance of applying item specifics to our listings, let’s see where we can extract them from. 

  • The Supplier

This is the most straightforward and readily available source of item specifics. Sellers can visit their supplier’s website to browse the product descriptions and extract item specifics.   

  • Supplier’s user reviews and Q&A

Sometimes suppliers do not provide all the information in their product description. An excellent source to supplement the supplier’s website, is the user comment and review and Q&A sections. Often, plenty of relevant and useful information can be gather here from other customers.  

  • Item specifics of similar listings  

Another great source of item specifics is other similar listings. Whenever sellers upload new listings, they should tag them with the relevant attributes and item specifics. Lisuto can help sellers automatically tag all of their listings with relevant item specifics using Xtag, saving them a lot of time and work.  


There is lot of emphasis on Ebay item specifics and they are essential for every successful Ebay listing. First of all, they ensure the listing will come up in relevant searches. Then, they help move it up the result page, distinguishing the listing from the competition. And also, it helps reduce return rates by giving shoppers all the information they need.  

Lisuto combines technology with deep ecommerce consumer product knowledge helping sellers optimize their product data and extract much more out of the online store. Using proprietary AI technology, Lisuto goes through the existing product information, tagging the data with Ebay required item specifics navigational tags, making necessary corrections and completions, bringing the quality of the sellers' product feed up to highest standard in terms of uniformity and completeness, making it perfectly optimized for each channel and for the user's eyes.

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