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By Yuval Ginor, Feb 05,2023

ChatGPT and marketplace SEO

ChatGPT is revolutionizing the AI world, and it can already be seen used in different industries, such as online marketing and SEO. ChatGPT can answer questions and create SEO-oriented content and metadata. You can leverage ChatGPT for marketplace SEO and make wonders for your business.

If you are online at all, it is improbable you have managed to miss the latest buzz - ChatGPT. What is it, and why is there so much buzz around it? And more importantly for us, how can it be used for content creation and SEO?

We will answer some of these questions, and more, in this article. 

But first, let’s begin with describing what ChatGPT actually is. 

ChatGPT at a glance

ChatGPT, launched by OpenAI in November 2022, stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer that is based on chat. It is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3 family of large language models, and applies both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques. 

In essence, ChatGPT is a chat-bot that can converse with humans, while generating relevant answers to questions in a very human fashion. Applying supervised learning techniques, ChatGPT is also able to make predictions, based on large sets of analyzed data. 

Where ChatGPT separates from all the previous AI models, is in its ability to take data extracted from prior conversations, and adjust its answers accordingly, rather than giving predetermined answers to specific questions.

But ChatGPT can do a lot more. It can write songs and stories, give advice on healthy living, conduct research, create rich content, and even create lines of code. The capabilities of ChatGPT seem endless, and many professionals, including copywriters and other content creators, can use it to create high quality copy , adjust marketing strategies and leverage ChatGPT for marketplace SEO. 

How to leverage ChatGPT for marketplace SEO purposes

  1. Conduct Keyword Research
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ChatGPT can be used efficiently to search for popular keywords. Simply type in your query, and in a few seconds, ChatGPT will give you a list of relevant keywords. The list is based on prior similar queries and results, to provide the best answer.

  1. Improve Writing Skills

You can use ChatGPT to detect and correct any spelling and grammar errors in any given text, which is very useful. Moreover, ChatGPT can help writers improve their writing skills by suggesting styling tips etc. 

  1. Customer Support

Guaranteeing customer satisfaction by providing attention to requests and inquiries, is one of the tenets of business success. ChatGPT is not only good for creating content, but it can also handle back-office logistics, such as replying to customers’ inquiries. 

Like other chatbots, it can provide 24/7 customer support, but where ChatGPT stands out is in its ability to give personalized answers to each individual customer, based on prior conversations and data collected. This does not only help guarantee customer satisfaction, but can also help sellers understand the needs of their customers, and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. 

  1. Create High Quality Content

With all its AI capabilities, ChatGPT can be used to great effect in SEO, creating a path to new marketing approaches. Relying on its intricate language models, ChatGPT can produce texts that can easily pass off as texts written by a human. 

Creating high quality content is a very basic SEO strategy, and an excellent way to attract both users and Google’s search engine. ChatGPT can create high quality content, properly using relevant keywords and keyphrases, and relying on prior data to adjust it to customer needs. The final result is a highly optimized text, tailor-made for SEO.  

Cons of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is very exciting and we can easily get carried away. However, it is important to remember that for all of its capabilities, ChatGPT is not perfect, and sellers should not rely on it blindly when using it for SEO.  

  1. 2021 Data Cut-off Date

ChatGPT does not have access to real-time information and its data cut-off date is 2021. Therefore, it cannot be used to create content based on events that took place after this date.  

  1. Not Always Reliable

At the end of the day, ChatGPT does not have the intelligence of a human, and is therefore prone to errors (as if humans are not…). Users must keep this in mind when relying on ChatGPT’s answers, and never take them for granted.

In addition, as in every AI model that is based on prior answers, ChatGPT’s answers may be prejudiced. So once again, caution is warranted when interpreting the chatbot’s answers.  

Finally, though the content created by ChatGPT can be well-written and informative, it cannot reproduce the uniqueness of high-quality human writing. 

  1. Identifiable by Google

Since ChatGPT uses publicly available online information to form its answers (websites, articles, posts etc.), Google’s search engine has learned to detect content generated by AI. The problem is that Google prohibits AI-generated content, and using it may lead to SEO disaster. 

The best way to avoid these complications is to always keep in mind that ChatGPT is not a human, and cannot replace one. Its main goal is to assist the human, meaning every answer ChatGPT provides should be viewed and analyzed by a human person. By using ChatGPT in this manner, sellers can get the most out of this truly incredible machine towards improving their SEO. 


ChatGPT is an incredible language tool, designed to generate text that imitates human writing. The chatbot uses sets of previously collected data to provide helpful and relevant answers to queries. 

ChatGPT has revolutionized the AI world, and it can already be seen used in different industries, such as online marketing and SEO. ChatGPT can answer questions, create SEO-oriented content and metadata, and more. You can leverage ChatGPT for marketplace SEO purposes and provide for the content needs you could not previously fulfil.

However, it is important to remember that ChatGPT, despite its impressive capabilities, cannot entirely replace human intelligence. Since it sources its answers from previous data provided by users, ChatGPT may be prone to prejudice and error. Moreover, ChatGPT does not contain any data past 2021, so it cannot be used to provide updated information. To top it all, Google prohibits the use of AI-generated text and can easily detect it, so using it might hurt SEO efforts.

It is important to always keep in mind that ChatGPT’s main purpose is to assist humans, and that the information it produces should be analyzed and not trusted blindly. 

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