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By Yuval Ginor, Aug 19,2021

Figuring out Ebay's item specifics means ensuring the product will appear more in site navigation search results. This is because, customers are slicing through thousands of results by selecting the attributes and values of the product they are looking for.

Item Specifics is one of the key factors that affect product performance on Ebay. These specifics detail the product’s attributes and values, such as size, color, material, brand etc., which help increase visibility and boost sales. By tagging products with relevant attributes, customers are able to locate the products they are looking for easily and quickly, providing them excellent user experience.

When a product’s Item Specifics are correctly filled with all the relevant attributes, the product is much more likely to appear in site navigation search results. This means that rather than using the search bar, customers are slicing through thousands of results by selecting the attributes and values of the product they are looking for. According to Optiseller, 80% of Ebay customers are likely to use attributes to filter results in the women's fashion category.    

However, the number of attributes offered (or required) by Ebay, and its ever changing policies, might leave sellers a bit overwhelmed. To help you make senses in things, here are the four key Item Specifics, and why they are so important.   

Required Item Specifics  

Ebay requires its sellers to include this type of Item Specifics when uploading a product feed. For each listing, the seller must include these specifics, otherwise the feed will be rejected by Ebay. The reason these Specific are required is that they make up the minimum required to provide customers with a good shopping experience. If a seller fails to provide any Required Item Specific, Ebay will return the feed and ask for adjustments.  

Required Soon Item Specifics 

Similar to Required Item Specifics, only not yet in effect. In the meantime, sellers may choose not to provide these specific, but it is considered best practice to include these as well. Every quarter, Ebay changes its Item Specifics requirements, and adds new Required Item Specifics in order to improve the customers’ overall shopping experience. Required Soon Item Specifics  is Ebay’s way of letting sellers know what is coming and prepare, by beginning to provide these specifics. 

Ebay designates Item Specifics as Required Soon when it learns the customers often select these specifics when looking for products, so providing them will help increase your products’ visibility in the search results. It is also recommended to provide the Required Soon Specifics, because once they become required, sellers might not be able to revise their listing, which might lead to lost sale opportunities.  

Recommended Item Specifics


As with Required Soon, Recommended Item Specifics are not mandatory, but highly recommended, since they provide customers with useful information. Ebay designates Recommended Item Specifics according to common searches performed by customers, so adding these will also help increase visibility and boost sales. Recommended Item Specifics are listed by their popularity, with the most popular appearing first, and we recommend you add the, to your products in order to stand out in the marketplace.  

Additional Item Specifics 

Also optional, the Additional Item Specifics give customers additional information about your product. While not as high on the popular Item Specifics list as Recommended Item Specifics, these specifics feature in many searches, specifically within certain categories. Since customers often use these attributes in their navigation, we recommend sellers tag their products with Additional Item Specifics as well, whenever they can. 


The more Item Specifics are tagged to each product, the better its visibility and conversion rates become. It is also important to follow any changes to Ebay’s Item Specifics requirements, to ensure the product feed is not rejected. Lisuto can help that! Using proprietary AI technology, Lisuto goes through the existing product information, tagging the product data for Ebay and other marketplaces, making necessary corrections and completions. Lisuto helps you generate high quality product feed which leverages the marketplace search and navigation functionality eventually driving more traffic and better sales. 

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