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By Yuval Ginor, Oct 28,2021

If you create product descriptions based on customers’ preferences that you know to be engaging with the customers, you will see that high quality product descriptions really matter and truly drive your sales.

Product data can help sellers create a better shopping experience. By analyzing the customers’ preferences and interests, sellers can create more personalized and attractive content that will help boost traffic and conversion rates. Sellers are usually not very restricted when it comes to product description, and they are free to express themselves. However, it is important not to go overboard with long and boring descriptions, that might cause potential customers to lose interest. An accurate, high quality product description is one that relies on customers’ preferences, that sellers know will be engaging for their customers.  

Know Your Customers for Better Product Description

What sellers put in the product description depends on what products they sell, and who buys them. A store that sells complex products that serve multiple purposes, or have many variations or functions, should detail the various purposes and functions, and how they can benefit the customer. For example, shoppers looking to buy a digital camera are interested in the various specs of the product, such as brand, model and resolution. This information should be readily and clearly available for them, to help them make an informed purchasing decision. Moreover, this information must be accurate. 

Accuracy is crucial when creating product descriptions. It helps sellers create much better and engaging product descriptions that entice customers to make a purchase. Working with accurate data also relieves the sellers from the need to fill in unnecessary flattery, which usually only serves to annoy the customers. Working with accurate information also makes it easier to find and use keywords that are specific to the products, making SEO optimization much more efficient.

Accurate Product Data Can Help Avoid:

Poor Quality Product Description

A store’s whole shopping experience may be ruined by badly made or inaccurate product descriptions. Product descriptions should be enticing for customers, but they must also contain essential information that will help them make a purchasing decision. Presenting them with clear and accurate information goes a long way towards a good shopping experience. 

Accurate product data is not only important for the shopping experience. In today’s multi-channelled ecommerce world, accuracy makes it easier to upload product feeds to new ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. With each channel having its own feed requirements, with organized and accurate data, the necessary adjustments are much more easily made.

Inaccurate Details 

There is almost no worse shopping experience than receiving a product you ordered online, only to discover it is not exactly as described in the online store. Inaccurate product data can lead to exactly such mistakes. Moreover, variance in size or weight of the package may affect shipping and delivery costs, which only contributes to this horrible shopping experience. Sellers can easily prevent such mistakes, by investing resources in maintaining organized and accurate product data.


High quality product data has become essential to ecommerce success. Sellers can use product data to entice customers and help them convert to a purchase, thus creating relationships with them, and providing them with a unique and personalized shopping experience. 

Lisuto combines technology with deep ecommerce consumer product knowledge helping sellers optimize their product data and extract much more out of the online store. Using proprietary AI technology, Lisuto goes through the existing product information, tagging the data with marketplace specific navigational tags, making necessary corrections and completions, bringing the quality of the sellers' product feed up to highest standard in terms of uniformity and completeness, making it perfectly optimized for each channel and for the user's eyes.

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